How to Find Someone Who Buys Car Batteries Near Me

In terms of overall look, a car battery is usually the least thought of and observed part of the package when it comes to buying, selling or maintaining a car. This is often the reason why people, for a long time, minimize and take care of their batteries for the long term.

In the worst-case scenarios, they buy and bargain for used car batteries in order to cut down on expenses made by overused and damaged car batteries. But, then, you may ask, “okay, but how do I find a person or someone who buys car batteries near me?”.

Thankfully, with the help of some battery enthusiasts and a little digging, here are ways you can find and sell to someone who buys car batteries near me and you.

Stores That Buy Car Batteries

Batteries that these stores buy will depend on the condition (naturally). Some stores prefer batteries that are in relatively good condition, as in the case with new batteries. The other stores buy batteries that have been put to use so that the material can be then reused for recycling or converting them into some other use.And did you know? Batteries from hybrid models like those found in electric cars can often be more expensive than the batteries used in a standard unit vehicle. The various sorts of prices and changes in price influence the kind of store that might appeal to you.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of these stores!

Craigslist is an option that is popular among young people and those that want to sell off their relatively fine designer brand products. But, believe it or not, they also buy used car batteries. That is a very good thing to hear.

Now, first of off is that the only downside to selling your batteries over at Craigslist and their subsequent website is that the product needs to be in a relatively good condition (not necessarily mint condition) to similar to that of a new car battery set.

So, this option works for those who have an excess of relatives giving off car batteries as gifts but also for those that have kept their car batteries with the minimum amount of damage. This also indicates that the users have taken care of the batteries to keep them in that condition.

The upside (the positive) of keeping close attention to Craigslist is that the website is user-friendly and since the site and service a favorite of many to sell their products, it houses a certain level of trust amongst exchangers. This is a good option for those that cannot really make their way to find other stores, especially outside the urban cities.

But, please take note that Craigslist and their site are not pawn shops. Pawnshops are usually stores that have a fixed price and cater to a lot of items and customer demographics. They have often reviewed the market and act as mediums by which easy selling and access to exchange can be gained. This means that you can often find them everywhere in a city area but will often have a lower price offered compared to stores like Craigslist.

Although the downside of Craigslist is still there when it comes to keeping the car batteries in good condition, buyers at Craigslist will often rate a higher price for them in that condition. Compared to a regular pawn shop, this is a good investment to have. But pawn shops are better for people who want to sell their used car batteries (even not in good condition) and if they are in a hurry.

Not a pawn shop or something hip like Craigslist, Auto-part shops are options that you can also sell car batteries (used, old and even sometimes, dead). Auto-part shops have been in operation for a long time since automobiles were in fashion.

The great thing about auto-part shops is that the dealers there are often experts as well as enthusiasts for different machine parts, which includes the car batteries that you will sell. Given that, they will often exchange good information to auto-part shops that may or may buy different parts for a different price. They’re a community of people under the same specialization but having different roles.

In this option, it may often be better to exchange for the different parts of a car battery as opposed to the battery itself. Furthermore, auto-part shops can be found within the city areas as well as rural areas and the outskirts of cities. The price for your car batteries will certainly differ from shop to shop.

This is why it can often be a bargain for those who want to sell their batteries at a greater price even if it’s a very old or not working in good condition. That said, this is will often be an investment for people as it requires time to find the price that they are willing to bargain for. This may not be a good option for those in a hurry to sell off their car batteries.

Not a good recommendation, but eBay is a relatively safe exchange site where you can auction off many different items at a varying degree of price ranges. It’s pretty much an in-fashion thing all across the world and has a great appeal in international markets.

The downside to this is that it may often take a long time or a buyer. But, with enough patience and marketing, this is a viable option compared to Craigslist. Stores that buy scraps and junk parts may also be considered. The downside to these areas is that they may not often buy these items at a price. Sometimes, it may not even be comparable to a pawn shop.

Hopefully, this will help. These are options I utilize to find someone who buys car batteries near offered some me.